Shihan Theodore Tsanidis

Born: 1947

Grade: 9th Dan (Hachidan)

In the late 1960’s, as a young man, Shihan Theodore Tsanidis was a very energetic and sports loving person. After many years of training in all types of sports, he decided to stick with Karate as it had everything the human body needed to stay fit and healthy. Shihan’s fate led him to join the I.K.O Goju Ryu Karate Group and after a few years of training he was fortunate enough to meet the Master of I.K.O Goju Ryu Karate, Sensei Gonnohyoue Yamamoto. The Master was very impressed with Shihan’s karate skills so much so that he allowed him to open his own Dojo’s.


Master Yamamoto has visited Australia on numerous occasions and has been very pleased with Shihan’s teachings after inspecting his various dojos at the time. On his most recent visit in 2014, the Master was also very impressed with Shihan’s enthusiasm, dedication as well as the respect his students had acquired over the years and as a result awarded him his 8th Dan (Hachidan).
After 40 years of teaching, Shihan Theodore Tsanidis has been fortunate enough and has had the pleasure of teaching thousands of students, some of which are still with him today as they have become his assistant instructors. Shihan Theodore Tsanidis is passionate about his teaching of the art and has witnessed thousands of transformations through the years.
Shihan says that:
“It has been rewarding for me to see so many children, teenagers and adults walk through the doors of my various dojo’s as it has allowed me to pass on the traditional Japanese techniques of Karate that I have learnt and to see them transform before me. I am looking forward to meeting and teaching many more students who have the desire to learn the fine art of I.K.O Goju Ryu Karate”.
Thank you and God bless.
Shihan Tsanidis continues his teaching and training of Goju-Ryu Karate and is committed to teaching traditional Japanese Budo