Karate team
The IKO Group Australia headed by Shihan Theodore Tsanidis 8th Dan was formed in 1972 as an organisation teaching Goju-Ryu Karate to both males and females of all ages. Since inception, the IKO Group Australia has been affiliated with the IKO Group Japan and has taught hundreds of students traditional and authentic Budo (Japanese martial arts) as passed down through the centuries.

Here at the IKO, we believe in perfecting the elements of the mind, body and spirit through a myriad of exercises and basic movements that are gradually fused into the psyche enabling spontaneous reactions.

The undertaking of Kata (patterns) and Kumite (free sparing) is often used to measure the extent of an individuals development. We believe that our holistic approach that places emphasis on the development of the mind, body and spirit will provide a balanced and healthy life. Through the rigorous physical techniques practiced here at the IKO, karate will provide an excellent all-round exercise that stimulates just about every muscle in the body as well as a means of self defence from a would-be attacker.

Committed to traditional teachings, our style of karate (goju-ryu) also emphasizes and teaches respect, courtesy and humility.
The IKO Group Australia has ten assistant instructors that participate in the development of each and every student. Our assistant instructors move between our dojos to help promote and cultivate this ancient military art.
The IKO Group Australia provides a comfortable and courteous environment that is sensitive to an individual’s needs and rate of progress.