Karate, a self defence art in its own right, is promoted as only just that in real life combat (apart from its other benefits) and not the reverse. Here at the IKO Group Australia, we have extended our syllabus to include self defence from armed assailants also. In addition, our syllabus teaches our students how to react to unarmed assailants applying street style tactics.

Self defence from armed assailants holding knives, bats and poles to name only a few is taught as part of an extra curricula activity. Students are taught in Yakusoku Kumite fashion and at a slow pace. Once students learn these techniques the pace is quickened to that of real combat.

The more advanced students are encouraged to undertake Jiyu-Kumite with one pretending to be the assailant. Again Jiyu-Kumite is fully supervised and only rubber knives are used to practice with. A street fight can be a messy affair. Most street fights are sloppy and never honourable. The IKO group Australia recognises the need for one to defend themselves from dirty play such as throat grabbing, head locks, bear hugs to name only a few.

We encourage and teach our students to avoid real life combat by exhausting all possible avenues to do so and to engage in self defence as the very last resort.