Here at the IKO group Australia, our students are graded (evaluated and tested) and given a rank (level) using the Kyu-Dan (White to black) Japanese ranking system as implemented by Yamaguchi Sensei. During a grading session, students are tested on their Kihon (knowledge of basics), Kata (patterns), Jiyu-Kumite and their respect.
The Kyu ranks are used to rank the beginners and intermediate students with ten levels in total. Students are made to wear different belt colours and or stripes that show their rank. Belt colours and stripes vary through the kyu ranks and grading for the Kyu grades occur approximately every three to six months depending on a student’s progress.
The Dan grades are also ten in total and are used to grade the black belts. Grading for black belts can vary from two to ten years between Dan ranks depending on skill, commitment, experience and the level of grade.