I.K.O Goju Ryu Karate Do
Sensei Rod Grace
Born: 1963
Grade: 2nd Dan (Nidan)
Sensei Rod made his debut in Karate in 1989 at the age of twenty five (25) with another Goju-Ryu school at the time. Sensei Rod trained for 12 months when he stopped for several years to focus on his business studies. Toward the end of his studies in 1993, Sensei Rod returned to Goju-Ryu karate and was know ready to resume training in earnest which he did for a further two years up until the school was closed. Sensei Rod wanted to continue training so he went in search of another Karate instructor however ended up training with a Muey Thai Boxing school in Newtown for two years that included a focus on full contact competition. In 1998, Sensei Rod then undertook western style boxing in a gym at Moore Park for twelve months up until the building was demolished.
In 2000, Sensei Rod finally found the IKO Group Australia headed by Shihan Theodore Tsanidis and started training in Goju-Ryu Karate at the old Dulwich Hill Dojo where he trained for several years under Shihan’s son Sensei Kon Tsanidis. When the Dulwich Hill Dojo closed, Sensei Rod resumed his training at the Lakemba Dojo where he obtained his Black Belt 1st Dan (Shodan) in 2004 at the age forty one. In the same year, Sensei Rod attended and obtained his coaches accreditation course and later began assisting Shihan Tsanidis at the Lakemba Dojo.
What drew Sensei Rod to Karate was the self mastery that it offered and its dynamic human expression. Sensei Rod quickly learned to appreciate the values and traditions of Karate and the discipline required in the pursuit of excellence. Sensei Rod is currently inspired by the respect and humility displayed by his fellow Sensei’s which he believes represents an educated human quality distinctively found in traditional martial art schools particularly the ones headed by Shihan Theodore Tsanidis and something not often found in the everyday world.
As a supplement to his Martial Arts, Sensei Rod also undertakes triathlon training and has competed in over 100 triathlons. Sensei Rod has obtained a certificate in applied science (sports coaching) from the University of Queensland and is an accredited triathlon coach.
Outside of karate, Sensei Rod runs his own business as a triathlon coach and sports nutritionist. For more about Sensei Rod's work you can visit his website at